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Welcome to the Student Account Center. View your student account activity (your tuition bill and how it is paid) and grant access to others (perhaps your parents) to do the same.

How do I access my account information?

Easy-to-use and always up-to-date. Consult the Student Account Center to find out how much you owe or what we owe you.


Access the Student Account Center using your Furman network ID or click on the Student Account Center link from the MyFurman portal. You’ll need to login first before you can grant access to mom, dad or any other person you see fit. Click the “Manage Account Access” button at the top of your account summary to make it happen.

(888) 316-8595

Parents and any other authorized user

You’ll be invited to participate by your son, daughter, grandson, niece, friend, benefactor, etc… by email. Use the one-time use credentials in your invitation to setup your own view into their account.

I have a single payment to make now.

Learn More

Convenient, flexible ways to make a payment.

Login to your account to make a monthly installment payment

Make a One-Time Payment

One-Time payments are payments not associated with, or applied to, an existing payment plan account.

How can I plan to better afford Furman?

Contact an education payment advisor to learn more about available payment methods or for assistance.

(888) 316-8595